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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That Face

(This post was written three weeks ago, but due to scanner difficulties, it the pictures could not accompany the post until today.)
Baby girl's face in 4-D...if you look closely you can see her little nose, closed eyes, and sweet mouth...

Today we had a date with the newest member of our family. The whole family piled into the little ultrasound room at my OB's office. And then the fun started. Baby Girl was pushing against my side, and we could actually see that it was her foot doing the pushing.

There was lots of commentary from the peanut gallery....Little Miss Sunshine commented that the baby sister looked like a monster in there sometimes. And, "ew, gross" what was that clear stuff the tech squeezed on my belly before the show even started?

The little man chewed his orange lolli to bits as he watched, and after it was all over, he asked me if the baby was now in the box that I was carrying (a cord blood box). Such a mystery, how that baby is gonna' get out of his mama's belly...

The tech commented that Baby Girl was very active, and the biggest big sister, her daddy and I had to laugh because that's what Big Sis said when she saw the ultrasound of Little Man. And she was sure right. He is constant motion.

And baby's weight at 31 weeks? <drumroll please> Baby Girl is now a healthy (and hefty) 4 lb., 14 oz. Supposed to double her weight by the time she is 40 weeks. The sweet ultrasound tech tried to make me feel better by saying, "That's only about 8 lbs..." To which I had to say "Yeah, but she's 4 lbs. AND 14 oz. That's almost 5 lbs. Which is 10 pounds when you double it..."

Well, that's why I found a new doctor, right? So that he will induce me early (provided that Baby Girl's lungs are ready). I'll just be praying, trusting and reminding my doctor of what he said he would do. I'd appreciate your prayers, too, as we round the corner to Baby Girl's birthday.

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Membership Required said...

What a precious memory to have of your family. I will pray that your induction is they way you want it to be. ML