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Monday, May 25, 2009

My Dad

You may remember me telling you about my dad. There's more to say than I can begin to put down right now.
Unassuming. Gentle. Quiet Spirit.

Humble. Honorable. Responsible.
Organized. Hard-working. Stories that I have float around in my head right now. My dad passed away on February 12, 2009. He was 83.

He would have been 84 years old on August 18, 2009. We're hoping to celebrate his birthday by meeting his fourth granddaughter. (This hand belongs to her.)


Membership Required said...

Oh wouldn't that be wonderful to have them share a birthday. Will you name her in some way after him? I am sorry you had to deal with this loss. I am fearful of the day I have to deal with this issue. Lots of hugs, ML

mamatutwo said...

Yes, we are so hoping to have them share a birthday! We won't be naming this little one after him because our second child (a girl) is named after him.