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Monday, November 3, 2008

Piles of Laundry and Fingers that Can't Keep Up

Okay, I realize that I am so very behind on blogging. I mean, I've had such joyous moments that I have thought posts for. You know, I just haven't been able to bring my thoughts to the keyboard. Time is running away from me like it was working for a prize or somethin'!

Seriously, I've got posts up here <pointing to the noggin> from 2 months ago! But, here I sit with a handful of minutes a couple of pieces of news that I just had to put down.

One...we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of this:

Well, not that one exactly. You know, ours is way cuter. But from the same place. Illinois. She's flying in from Illinois as a gift for our little girly. Said girly lost her 17 year old doggy this summer (see--there's another post still floating around up there!). Even tonight, she asked if we would pray for Georgie.

I absolutely cannot wait to see my sweet girl's face when she realizes that the gift in the box (can we make that happen?) is for her. And when she sees what it is? Whoa. Can't wait. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Daddy, big sister and I are having a blast anticipating her excitement.

And in other news.....that big sister. I think of her as perpetually a "tween". But without the make-up, the girly stuff, etc., etc. Tonight, she pulled me into the bathroom where we could be alone. Then she asked, "What do you do when a boy likes you, but you like him as just a friend?" Now, God, I was really not ready for that today. But, I guess you knew that I'd never be.

I am blessed that she came to me to talk about such a thing. Because, frankly, as she flatly stated, "a lot of girls wouldn't talk to their parents about this." Thank you, God. This girl who seems to tune out so much of what I say...Thank you, God.

So, as usual, life happens faster than I can type. And faster than I can fold that day's laundry or wash that day's dishes. Hopefully I'll be back to more regular posting soon. But for now, sleep is calling. And...well, and a couch full of laundry to fold.


Membership Required said...

What a "remember" moment with your first daughter. How sweet that she placed her trust in you like that....a mom...a friend. How happy you must be. That puppy...I must learn more of that puppy. So cute. I cant wait to hear about the surprise. Cant wait to check out your next post. I've been missing your good reads.

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about running out of time :) Such a cute puppy!!! What kind is she/he?