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Saturday, November 15, 2008

MOPS convention...part two!

So the first night of convention ended in a great way. Go Fish, a band that I highly recommend for Christian music that you and your kiddos will both enjoy, hyped us up and made us laugh with "The Mom Song" and "It's Hard to Be Cool in a Minivan", and then they sent us off to our rooms with "Jammies". (You've got to get that song! Puts a little excitement into bedtime!) I brought home a couple of their CDs (Snazzy and Party Like a Preschooler), and they instantly became my children's favorites! (Scroll down to find these songs, click and laugh!)

The next morning started off with a bang. More amazing mamas who made it through difficult times by holding tight to God's hand--and friends at MOPS. I started each session determined that I wouldn't need any tissues, but at some time during each one, my eyes watered and my plans were foiled again! The speakers and moms challenged me to be the best mom that I could be and to stop being so hard on myself!

More amazing music was sprinkled throughout the of my favorites in Christian music--Jaci Velasquez and her husband (Salvadore) performed. Jaci has such a powerful and amazing voice. Both of them were just excellent and very moving.

One of the high points of the conference for me was this performance.
This is Plumb, and if you listen to Christian radio at all--or probably pop, too--I'm sure that you've been moved by her song, "In My Arms" This, of course, is who I was thinking about when I asked if you knew who I was standing with.

Now, I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a commercial here, but I have to tell you that I was just really thrown by the quaality of the music, the program and by the big names that this convention served to all of us moms. I was really not expecting this at all, and I was truly overwhelmed.

Tonight's post must end here, but I promise you another post tomorrow that is less of a commercial but no less full of big (and I mean BIG) names and surprises. See you tomorrow!

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