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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's My Bloggy Birthday!!!!!!

It's my first bloggy birthday! It probably couldn't have come at a crazier blogging time what with hurricanes and the catch up from all of that, but birthdays just come, ready or not, right?

I must say that my entrance into blogging has alternated between inspiration, reflection and addiction. I had to step away for a little while when it became all-consuming...I mean, I do have a life outside of blogging, and I really want to live that life with every part of me. At those times when I stepped away, I questioned why I was even doing this. Wasn't it just a time-waster?

But then I'd catch a glimpse of three journals sitting beside my scrapbooks...all of them neglected. Who has the time to get out all of those supplies (although I really heart all those supplies!) and to keep up with it all? My goal of writing journals to each of my children was being trampled by thirty little toes (and twenty bigger ones) living out their daily lives.

But is my journal to my children--and to my husband and myself. The record of our life together, of the incidentals that we forget along the way. I envision my children as adults raising their own families with books of these journal entries and pictures--remembering what it was like, being encouraged when they think they are the only ones who have lived through these things, realizing how much their mama and daddy loved them in the details.

And reading your blogs has provided me with great inspiration for doing my job better...for being a mom who first seeks the Lord, and then strives to be the best wife and mom that I personally can be. You have tickled my funny bone (sometimes 'til I couldn't catch my breath), made me cry, and encouraged me to step up more fully. Thank you.

So in honor of my first bloggy birthday, I want to recognize a few blogs that I read often and have really inspired me. And I have this little gift for you....

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If I haven't been reading yours, leave me a comment, and I'll definitely stop by! And if you're just lurking, leave a comment. And if you here for the first time, leave a comment. In other words, leave a comment! I'll consider it a goody bag from my own birthday party!


RosieBoo said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!! Blogs are quite a way to capture life for future generations!

Membership Required said...

Oh what fun! How can I post this on my site. An award...I must show it off!!! I am honored and yet wondering how I encourage one who I always "look" too for encouragement myself. I love reading your blog. Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! Keep it up. Thank you too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!! I think of my blog as a virtual journal for my family too. Half the time I don't remember what we had for dinner last night, let alone a funny one liner my son said last month. `:o)

Blessings, Whitney

Anonymous said...

Happy "Birthday"! Thanks for the nod. How sweet of you:)

Amy said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday! Thank you for including me. I loved your comments about the journals that sit collecting dust. I have one for each of my first three ... only several entries. Pitiful. I don't even have one yet for Cooper. =) We have some kindred spirit. The girls will really treasure your wisdom. Keep it up!

Katrina said...

Happy Bloggiversary! And thank you so much for the sweet honor of being on your Blog Birthday list. Most people get presents on their birthdays, but you give them!

Mother Goose said...

happy blogging birthday! my blogaversary is coming up on the 15th!

Shasta said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm currently trying to find one of those signs for my front yard, I saw one in someone else's yard today!

Happy Bloggy Birthday to you!

Sean and Stephanie said...

Happy bloggy birthday! thanks for including sweet of you! I have no clue how to put the award on my site, though. Can you give me the steps?

Your blog, too, is very encouraging and uplifting for me to read. Keep it comin'!

Erin said...

Happy Bloggy birthday! I am the same way with paper journals. I have a million of them that I never write in.. I used to years ago, but I just can't find the time to sit and write any more. Maybe someday!

Mom of Emily and Lily-Bean said...

Congratulations! You are an inspiration to me. I might have to start a blog of my own to keep up with the two little girls in my life that fill my heart with joy.

4 Little Men and Twins said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday! You're so sweet! Blogs are such a great way to journal and connect. What would we do without it. {grin}