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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thing That I Wonder...

Why are my toes magnets for my children's shoe-wearing feet?

Why is an iced tea from McDonald's so much better than iced tea that I make at home?

When do we teach the little guy to stand instead of sit? (You know, we're sort
of potty training.)

How many children would be enough?

Why do children love to rub and touch public trash cans, public restroom walls, the hand rail on the entrance ramp at the library?

Why is raunchy, racy viewing so prevalent on television? Why on the Disney
Channel? Why on ABC Family? Why is the entertainment industry pursuing our
children so vigorously? (Okay, I'll move on.)

Why is it easier to be critical than it is to be positive?

Why don't my children love to go to bed ('cause I sure do!)?

Why do 12-year-olds think that they suddenly have all the answers?

What did my husband and I do with all of our time before we had children?

How can I teach a spirit of gratefulness in an ungrateful world?

What happened to patience?

How can we live more simply?

Why are there hungry children?

Why did I wait until I became a mom to appreciate the sacrifices that my parents made for me?

Will my children know the sacrifices that we've made for them?

Does it matter?

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