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Monday, September 8, 2008

At Dinner Last Night

After gobbling up a bite of spaghetti, Darling Daughter asks, "How do you get a baby?"

Adults look around, acting like they didn't hear.

Oldest daughter who has now had "the talk" uses wide eyes to look at Mom.

Persistant Darling Daughter--"How do you get a baby?"

Mom (seemingly preoccupied with spaghetti pieces on the floor), "Hmmm?"

Daughter "How do you get a baby? I mean, I know about going to the hospital and sitting on the bed and acting like you're sick and all, but before that....How do you get a baby?"

Mom's answer is most unenlightening (as it was meant to be!). "Oh, it's pretty complicated," said Mom. We'll talk about it a little more when you're a little older."

The first time around, Mama just told the oldest darling daughter that God gave out the babies. That was enough for her until she was older.

Silly Mama. This isn't the first time around.


Membership Required said...

oh no. but how cute.

Katrina said...

I love how time seems to stand still the first time you hear that question from one of your little ones. I never knew I was a stutterer before that.

Jennifer said...

Good answer, Silly Mama! Can I use that one???

Kari said...

my daughter just turned seven and has been asking the same things. It's like they know you are holding something back!

Mother Goose said...

eeek!! ummm..honey could you pass the milk? Actually, I answer my children as close to the truth as possible. I tell them first you have get married and you have a mom and dad who love each other. Through their love and with God's help a baby is formed in a mommy's tummy.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my...we haven't reached that stage yet...son I am sure.