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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I've got this boy. And he is all boy. And I am his girlfriend. Sometimes he'll put his little cheek up to mine and say, "I'm lovin' on ya'." It's a really sweet thing that thrills my heart.

But boys being what they are, my little boyfriend is a frequent sword fighter, "hammerer", karate chopper, and "practicer" of any other skill that any protector worth his weight might need to be well versed in. He can turn any item into a sword (though a random stick or abandoned baseball bat is his first choice) or a hammer (certainly a toy car, or remote control will do in a pinch).

He gets a lot of skill practice in while simply walking from one place to another. He might already have a sword in hand, or he might be lucky enough to find one along the way (superheros are often blessed that way). You know, there's a lot of useful time during that walk from the backyard to the bathroom. And you don't even really need a weapon. That's when karate chopping comes in extra handy...when you don't have any weapon except your own body.

Even more time can be found while walking around looking for his sisters upstairs. And if he tries really hard, he can usually remember to make the appropriate scrunched up face that would send any bad guy (or good guy) running to his mommy.

But he always, always, always remembers the sound effects. They go something like this..."chucooooow!!!!", "chuckooooooo!!!!" or just "chucku!!" Whatever the sound effect, it always starts with "chu". I'm no superhero or superprotector like he is, so I just have to take for granted that all important superhero noises start that way. It must be part of a superhero's magic or something. Who am I to question?

As long as at the end of the day, my family and I are safe and my little guy asks me to hold his hand as he drifts off to sleep, who am I to question the special words or all of the practice time that he puts in? It's a tough life. But somebody's gotta' do it.

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Katrina said...

What a sweet little warrior you have protecting the castle! I love watching a boy grow up--it's a process wholly mysterious to me!