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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Girly!


12 Things That I Love About You

You jump into life's adventures without hesitation.

You are so good with your little brother. Your responsibility really shines through
when you are with him.

You like to run and play and sweat!

You love your grandparents.

You are great in math--and spelling, too!

You read your Bible--sometimes even in the bathroom!

When Daddy is away, you sometimes ask if you can sleep with me.

You know the definition of modesty and live by its code.

You are a truth-teller.

You work hard at school--even when you don't feel like it; you know how important your education is.

You have an amazing smile and a contagious laugh.

You are a Jesus-lover.

One to grow on....I'm proud to be your mama!

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Mother Goose said...

OHHHH. Awwe!
This was so sweet! I love the slideshow