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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Recipe for Our Saturday Memory

1 rather large canopy tent
1 wagon
3 fold-up chairs
1 tarp
1 blanket
1 bag of things to do
1 bag of dry clothes
3 covered cups of orange juice
1 bag of breakfast food from McDonald's
3 lovely children
generous servings of heat and sunshine
a sprinkle of wind
a pinch of childhood frustration over any old thing (getting hair fixed, spilling
juice, etc.)

Early on Saturday morning, load all ingredients into your mixer or minivan, whichever will accomodate. Drop off the swimmer child, the blanket and the tarp at the designated spot to sign in while you park the van at least a mile away (no cheating, here!). Load all ingredients minus two children, the tarp and the blanket onto the wagon and walk the mile or more (remember, no cheating!) back to the pool. Have one extra helpful six year old help look for cars, carry the food and help boost the wagon up and down over the curbs where needed. Combine all ingredients under the canopy.

When all racing is finished for the swimmer, load up all ingredients and walk back to the mixer or minivan. Top with four juicy, red or purple snow cones on the way home--of course, one for each child and one for the mom. Don't worry about spills. You won't remember that part tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a Saturday made of fun memories :) So glad you all didn't melt in the Saturday sun!!!