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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've been keeping a book of funny things that my kids have said and done and things that my sweet husband and I never thought we'd find ourselves saying. Of course, life comes at us so fast that my little book is still little even though I could have filled a bookcase with stories if I had written them all down. Thought I'd share a few things from my book today, and I hope that you'll share a few of your funniest with me!

My four year-old pumpkin confronted me one day with, "Did you know the devil's name is Robert?" "I don't think so," I said. "I've never heard that." "Yeah, Sissy told me!" Ahhhh....then it must be so.....

Same four year-old pumpkin, different day, announced, "I don't feel good. I feel like there's a bear in my life!!!!" That was really a bad day. I'm certain that there was a bear lurking around our home!

Our nine year-old sweetie was stunned one day after we confronted her 4 year-old sister about lying. "Why is she lying so much? I used to lie, but now I'm almost finished with lying!"

When we moved into our current home, our six year-old must have thought that our front door was something special. We found her early one morning camped out on a blanket in the foyer, looking out the window. What in the world was she doing up so early? She was a little disappointed by this point. She had been waiting for Peter Pan.

Our two girls had not been around little boys very much by the time their little brother was born. Certainly not little boys who were diaperless and getting changed every couple of hours. Soon they got used to having a little brother, but some things were still pretty confusing. Our middle girl asked one day, "Why does G have that little tube?" My husband objected not to the word "tube"...only to the word....."little".

Our only child at one year was just the right level to teethe on our coffee table, and we often found ourselves saying things like, "Stop chewing on the table." What a different life from the one we had been living.

Some of the funniest things have been said when our kiddos have just started to put language together or to use words that we didn't even know that they knew. I walked into the kitchen this morning to hear our newly two year-old telling his five year-old sister, "I have to make poo poo, actually."

All three of our children have very different personalities. The older two, in particular. One is an adventurous sort, never afraid to try something new. The other is more cautious and analytical. At Disney World, one of my children and I saw Chip and Dale, the chipmunks. I asked her quickly if she wanted to go see them before other people saw them and the line got too long. The four year-old with me decided to pass but did have a question about them, "Do they carry diseases?"

Also at Disney World the same four year-old girl entered Cinderella's castle with a wide-eyed anticipation of seeing Cinderella herself. As we came to the top of the staircase and entered the dining room, she asked, "Am I dreaming?" Then to Mommy, "I'm wishing, no I'm really dreaming!" And they say that children have the most fun at Disney.

As much as she has struggled with all the changes that have come since our youngest was born, our middle child loves her brother like crazy. One day, when thinking about her life as a grown-up, she asked, "Can I have him for a kid? Can he be mine?" At other times, she refers to him as "Prince Charmy". I agree. He is charmy, indeed.

I so wish that I had all of the stories and sayings that have come our way through these three blessings in our lives. This little list really doesn't do the subject justice. However, I do have one absolute favorite that I'll leave you with. Same analytical four year-old quizzed me one day...."Did you know that a toot is a message?" "A message?" "Yes, you know, it means that you have to go to the bathroom."

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

"Why is she lying so much? I used to lie, but now I'm almost finished with lying!"

I love them all but that's my favorite!!