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Monday, December 3, 2007

The Heart of a Child/ The Heart of the Mama

Holding each of my children moments after they were born, watching my sweet angels as they sleep, thinking about the funny things they said today, ("God, please bless the turkey, and make it CLEAN."), cuddling up with them and a good story, hearing that joyful laughter, (squeals, really) nuzzling their little necks and faces, sharing eskimo kisses and puppy dog kisses....these are the best parts of being a mama.

The worst part? Hmmmm.......let me think......In a word--discipline. Yeah, without question, that's it.

When each of my children was born I could only think about how perfect they were, what a gift each of them was, how over the moon I felt. Of course, in that honeymoon phase, I could never envision (even though I knew that it would come) the time when that little cherub would need any correction or---dare I say it---the naughty spot? (GASP!!!!!) Oh, it hurt my heart to think of that!

Yet, time marches on, and each of my three little angels eventually reached the point in his or her life when to do as told was just too much to bear. And each time that this has happened, my initial reaction has been a timid, "Can this really be?" kind of reaction. "Maybe that was a mistake; I'm sure my little darling didn't mean that....." But before long, the cherub would clear it up for me, and I'd be faced with the daily challenge of disciplining her (or him).
Honestly, disciplining a two year-old is easier to me than disciplining an older child who has the power of reasoning --because sometimes their reasoning is just so......childlike! ("Mom, why do I need to keep my room clean? I mean, it's MY room.")

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Missy said...

Discipline is absolutely my least favorite part of motherhood. Why can't they just be GOOD all the time and not put us through that???