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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Project Is Due on Friday!

Last time that I checked, today is Wednesday, and we, I mean, our oldest child, has a project due on Friday. This is her first actual "project" involving some writing and a little tad of research on her own. The project was supposed to be about a mammal. Any mammal. That should be a piece of cake.

S picked "rat terriers" since we have one. Since we have one, all of the information should be easy enough to gather. She and her daddy went to the library and requested a book about rat terriers. It came in quickly enough, but it was very long, and you probably did need a college degree (or at least some sort of diploma) to sort through which information was relevant, and which information could be left out.

Did you know that a rat terrier, even though she has papers from the American Kennel Club, is not a pure bred dog? Thinking about it, that makes a lot of sense. They don't all look alike, lots of breeds are mixed in (that was a big clue to me), but you know, I just never really thought about it before. Never even wondered. Our terrier belonged to my sister before she passed away, and my parents said something once or twice about her having papers. "Really?" I think I asked. But then I never really gave it much more thought. Admittedly, most of my time and thought goes toward the three squiggly, giggly human bodies that run through my house and need to be fed and bathed and changed.

Back to the project. I ended up reading most of the relevant information to S and then saying, "This is important. Write this down." S and her daddy and I looked for pictures of rat terriers on the internet, but most of them were small and printed in a very fuzzy fashion when blown up large enough for her poster board. So today, while S was at school, I scrambled around through bookstores and more internet sites looking for better pictures of rat terriers. Her little brother waited patiently (okay, he tried....) in the stroller while I thumbed through every dog book on the shelves looking for a picture of a rat terrier because a book solely about rat terriers is apparently a very rare thing, indeed.

In all of those books, I found two pictures of dogs that might pass for rat terriers, and I did find some good pictures on the web. Then I went outside and tried to coax our own nervous, can't sit still because I'msogladthatyou'reouthere;you're goingtopetmeandletmelickyouinthemouthandruballoveryourwarmlap,aren'tyou,aren't you???????rat terrier to sit still and pose for my camera. That's why S picked rat terriers. Because we have one. So this should be easy.

I finally got a couple of good pictures and printed them up. I put those, along with the gold letters that I picked out when we stopped by the teacher supply store, on top of the black poster board that I picked up when I printed out her first internet picture at Office Depot. Later, I'll set up the printer and print those sentences that I dictated to S. Can't wait to see the grade that we, I mean, I can't wait to see the grade that S gets. You know, this is her first real project....

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